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Free Barcode Generator

Generate a label with your barcode, print, and put on your product. No software installation needed. Following formats are available: GIF, PDF, PNG, EPS, and JPG

How does barcode work?

Where to get a barcode?

Generate images for your linear codes, QR codes, Wi-Fi codes, postal and ISBN codes and many more.

Barcode Generator

Where to get a barcode?

Barcodes are issued by specific certified organizations - barcode providers:

To obtain a barcode for your product (or book, or event) you need to reach one of these organizations and receive a bar code data (a number or a set of numeric-alphabet codes). For example, linear codes are issued by…, QR codes - by…, postal codes - by… You can obtain GS1 barcode right on this website.

GS1 barcodes can serve you for:

  • The UPC, GTIN and EAN codes are issued by GS1 México.
  • The QR codes are public and anybody can generate a code.
  • The postal codes are issued by the postal agent of each country, in México is Correos de México.
  • You can obtain the GS1 barcode for your products or services (commonly named UPC, EAN or GTIN) making the procedure directly with GS1 Mexico.

GS1 barcodes are necessary for:

  • Sell products on chain stores like Walmart, Chedraui, Soriana, La Comer, HEB and many more.
  • Export products to other countries.
  • Sell in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mercado Libre, Google Shopping.

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